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Pastor & Wife's Anniversary Celebration 2015 



Abiding Faith Evangelistic Action Team
Audio/Visual Ministry
Brotherhood Ministry
Christian Challengers' Ministry
Deacon's Ministry
Deaconness Ministry
Drama Ministry
Expression of our Love Ministry
Fit for Christ Ministry
Health & Wellness Initiative Ministry
Marketing Ministry
Marriage Ministry
Photography Ministry
Prayer Ministry
Security Ministry
Share Group Ministry
Sick & Shut-In Ministry
Singles Ministry
Sports Ministry
Tape Ministry
Transportation Ministry
University of Faith Ministry
Usher & Greeter's Ministry
Web Ministry
Women's Ministry
Young at Heart Ministry
Youth Ministry

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Care Partners Committee
Church Council
Decoration Committee
Fellowship Committee
Newsletter Committee
Pastoral Care Committee


Education Department

Baptist Training Union
Bible Study
GIFT Academy
Sunday School

Music Department

Anointed Voices of Praise
Gospel Choir
Male Chorus
Women's Chorus
Praise Team
Youth and Young Adult Choirs

Youth Department

Drill Team
God's Precious Gems
Mimes of the Messiah
Praise Dancers
Puppets for Christ
Youth Choir
Young Men for Christ

Young Adult Department


Joyful Voices of Praise



AFEAT Outreach Ministry

The AFEAT (Abiding Faith Evangelistic Team) serves various areas of the community. The ministry includes The Elderly and The Homeless. Each of these ministries supports an evangelistic effort at least once monthly. Our Door to Door ministry occurs at least twice a year. This community-contact ministry provides opportunities for adults and families to participate in ministering and reaching lost souls for Christ. AFEAT@Abidingfaithbc.org

Brotherhood Ministry
The Brotherhood Ministry unites all brothers in serving God, the Church, and the community. Brotherhood@Abidingfaithbc.org

 Audio/Visual Ministry

The Audio/Visual Ministry presents to the Church body state-of-the-art communication technology.  It is designed to catalog cassette tapes, CDs and DVD recordings of all Sunday services, annual days and various other church functions.

Christian Challengers' Ministry

Mentally challenged adults in a church ministry present unique difficulties and blessed opportunities.  Christians have a responsibility to reach this group of God’s special people.  With a very special love, compassion and care, special teachers at Abiding Faith minister to adult members who have a variety of special needs.  The Christian Challenger’s Sunday School class provides learning experiences through small group learning activities that teach the simple truths of the gospel message.  

Deacon's Ministry

The purpose of Deacons is to assist the Pastor in serving the needs of the members of the Church.

Deaconness Ministry

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to meet the needs of the Abiding Faith Baptist Church, under the spiritual guidance of our Pastor and the Deacons by promoting spiritual growth in the Church. Wherever there are sick and shut-in members as well as members in need of prayer, the Deaconess Ministry will be there to help. They are responsible for the preparation and setting up Holy Communion on the second Sunday of each month. The Deaconess will communicate to all female baptismal candidates as to what they are supposed to wear for baptism.

Drama Ministry

The AFBC Drama Ministry shares the Word of God through impacting messages to reach the hearts of men, women and children.  Adults, youth and children participate in dramas and plays throughout the year.

Expression of our Love Ministry

Expression of our Love Ministry encourages and uplifts members who have lost loved ones and/or who are ill,
with cards, flowers and personal contact.

Fit for Christ Ministry

Fit for Christ focuses on providing you with health and
fitness solutions for weight loss to improve your overall
health and spirituality, and equip you with means to embrace
a lifestyle that glorifies God.  We believe that working out-- physical and spiritual strengthening-- work together for quality of life. 

There are obvious reasons to exercise -- the health benefits
and looking and feeling good.  We have to exercise mind,
body and soul.  A flexible body can cope with life's stresses more successfully and can ensure long-range movements for years.  Consider attending a class, give it a try on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.  Something special happens when we fellowship in fitness together and God gets all the glory!  Fit@Abidingfaithbc.org

Health & Wellness Initiative Ministry

The Health & Wellness Initiative Ministry is an organized effort to improve and maintain the health and well-being of our church community by promoting healthy living through education, support and resources.

Marketing Ministry

The Marketing Ministry is a passionate God-inspired ministry that advances the vision of our Pastor and the Abiding Faith Baptist Church, encouraging, promoting, formulating, inspiring and equipping Abiding Faith to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God!

Marriage Ministry

The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to provide resources that will enrich marriages.  This ministry focuses on strengthening and reviving marriages through seminars, retreats, fellowship, and the study of God's Word.  All activities are based upon the Word of God.  Marriage@Abidingfaithbc.org

Photography Ministry

The purpose of the Photography Ministry is to photograph
and archive events that take place at Abiding Faith.  The mission is to create a memorial that will enable others to experience the excitement and the presence and power of
God through the art of photography.

Prayer Ministry

Abiding Faith has an active and progressive prayer ministry.  This prayer ministry's purpose is to encourage and promote prayer within the life of the Church.  By being open and responsive to the working of the Holy Spirit, the Prayer
Ministry promotes God's love through His welcome to us to "approach" Him with love, reverence and faith to experience
His healing power through Jesus Christ.

Our Prayer Line (281.437.9595) gives any individual the opportunity to express his/her desire/need for the prayers
of the prayer warriors of the Church.  The line is monitored regularly so that immediate requests are honored.  There is also a prayer chain in operation whereby members and others can call and request prayer and within the hour up to 10 individuals have either prayed together or individually for the person and/or the concern.

Our goal is not simply to be a church with a prayer ministry-- but a praying church and a church that is focused on God and His unlimited power in the lives of those who trust Him.  Through the prayers of the church every limitation and frustration to the fullfilment of God's will can be effectively overcome.  Our prayer is that Abiding Faith will become a "House of Prayer" as we focus our minds, hearts and our
lives on God and His Son, Jesus Christ! 

Security Ministry

The men of Abiding Faith provide security to the church as
a whole.  Not only do they ensure the safety of everyone
within the church building; but also ensure the safety of
the grounds and assist with parking.

Sick and Shut-In Ministry

The Sick and Shut-in Ministry provides the sick and shut-in members with an experience of care and concern of their church and also provides opportunities for intecessory
prayer.  They visit members on the second Saturday of each month for prayer and Communion and minister to the shut-in by listening and encouraging them in God's Word.

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry comes together to discuss topics that
will enrich and empower them to live lives that will honor
God.  Discussions include: being single in today's secular
world, relationships, Christian dating, Christian values, God's plan for the single Christian.  Meeting is held each 1st Friday
of the month at 6:30 P.M.  Singles@Abidingfaithbc.org

Sports Ministry

The purpose of the Sports Ministry is to provide opportuni-
ties for Christian fellowship and relationship building between members; to promote the spiritual, mental, and physical well being of all participants; to glorify God and increase His presence in families through team sports; and to create a positive team sports experience rooted with biblical principles. By portraying Christian attitudes of humility and respect in
both victory and defeat, we will help families build strength in mind, body, and soul for the individual, family, and the community.  Sports@Abidingfaithbc.org

Tape Ministry

The Tape Ministry is responsible for the distribution of tape messages for all services as directed by the Pastor. Through
the Tape Ministry, the Word is taken into various homes and shared with people from all walks of life.The Tape Ministry is responsible for the audio taping of every worship service and for the sale of audio tapes after each service.

Transportation Ministry

The AFBC Transportation Ministry is an outreach ministry designed to provide safe and reliable transportation service
to members of the Church. Transportation@abidingfaithbc.org

University of Faith Ministry

University of Faith Ministry will empower high school
students by giving them access to pertinent academic information, as well as providing training and support for
a successful transition into college.  This ministry is intended
to assist high school students, juniors and seniors, by implementing an effective and practical strategy to pursue a higher education.  College@Abidingfaithbc.org

Usher and Greeters' Ministry

A warm, friendly welcome is important.  It says to the visitor (and to the regular members):  "We are glad to see you." 
Each Sunday our ushers and greeters greet us with warm welcomes and friendly smiles and we know that we are welcome!

Web Ministry

Our mission is to create an online atmosphere that will
cater to the needs of the church and provide a marketing
tool by providing up-to-date information in an attractive
design that will portray the purposes, mission, and services
of Abiding Faith. 

The Web Ministry is about using Internet tools to enhance
and expand our church's ministry to connect with billions of users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so that any person, anytime and anywhere can become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Through the Web Ministry Abiding Faith can
reach members, visitors, seekers and leaders through a
variety of Web and Internet technology tools. 

We believe that the quality of our Website reflects the quality
of our ministries and opens the doors to consistent growth.  Rob@Abidingfaithbc.org

Women's Ministry

Abiding Faith's Women's Ministry consists of all the women
of the church working together in love and harmony to the glory of God!   Women@abidingfaithbc.org

Young at Heart Ministry

The Young at Heart Ministry believes that spiritual renewal,
well-being and activity are essential to the quality of life.  Spiritual guidance, worship, Bible study, support and prayer
are experienced by older adults who desire to remain active
and productive through Bible study groups, field trips and outreach.  YAH@Abidingfaithbc.org



Care Partners Committee

The primary responsibilities of the Care Partners are to aid
our new members through the completion of their orientation sessions, assisting them in any way necessary, keeping in
touch and encouraging them to work in some area of the Church.  This committee is also responsible for contacting members who are consistently absent from Church services.

Church Council Committee

The Church Council is comprised of leaders from each ministry, committee and department of the Church.  The purpose of this Council is to provide an administrative infrastructure consisting of individuals knit together in faith, love and commitment and empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit to lead God's people into accomplishing that which the Lord Jesus Christ, through
His Holy Spirit, has called each of us to the honor and glory of His Father.  This Council meets quarterly.

Decoration Committee

The role of the Decoration Committee is to beautify the
Church setting for Sunday and other special services and/or events; implement the design for special seasons, such as Easter, Christmas, etc, that complements services with a physical atmosphere that enhances the worship experience; assist ministries with decoration ideas for their events.

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee welcomes all visitors to our
church.  The Committee is also responsible for new members’ fellowship and will coordinate this event with the Food Service Committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of the Chairman,
Church Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer and two (2) members appointed by the Pastor.  This committee
approves the purchase of all supplies, all bills for payment
and assist the Treasurer in all matters of finance.  The 
Finance Committee monitors purchases to assure that a
budget has been established for such and approved by the Elders.  It guides and assists the Church in undertaking all
its financial concerns. Treasurer@abidingfaithbc.org

Food Service Committee

The Food Service is a service ministry geared to the
nurturing of body and soul through the preparation and
serving of food and the Word of God.


This Committee of one maintains a chronology of records
and is responsible for the recording, preservation and display
of records of historical value to the Church. It is accountable
to keep an updated record of our Church history.

Newsletter Committee

The church newsletter, The Abounding Word, keeps members informed on a quarterly basis of the people, events and good news happening in and around Abiding Faith.  It provides a spiritual word to members and serves to keep the sick and
shut-in included via mailing to their homes.

Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee lovingly serves our Pastor
and first family through prayers, financial support and encouraging words and deeds.  The purpose of the Pastoral Care Committee is to aid and assist the Pastor with needs
as defined.  This committee teaches the biblical principles
of loving and caring for the Pastor as God has instructed
His church to do.



Music Department

The Music Department consists of hand clapping, foot
stomping, Holy Ghost filled, anointed voices praising God. 
This department includes the Anointed Voices, Male Chorus, Women Chorus, Praise Team, Divine Spirit of Praise, Mass Choir, and the Youth Choir.  Praise is a vital part of worship.  The primary objective is to be used by God as instruments of praise and to provide avenues of increased fellowship
uplifting Jesus.

The Abiding Faith Praise Team ministers deliverence, restoration, healing and salvation through song.  They
serve to lead the Church into a Spirit-filled, worshipful experience with the One True Living God.  Music@Abidingfaithbc.org

Youth Department

We believe God has a clear purpose for this generation –
to be the church of today. While it is true youth may be the leaders of tomorrow, God has ordained this generation of
young men and women to make an impact on the world today. 

The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to lead our youth to a genuine Christian faith by encouraging, teaching, supporting and equipping them to take the lifelong journey of following Christ.

Through trust and experiences, we hope to grow relationships not only with God but between the youth and leaders, youth and parents and between leaders and families.  Our Youth Church connects young people with one another through fellowship, connect with God through intense worship and a relevant message, and ultimately connect with their destiny – God’s purpose for their life.  Youth@Abidingfaithbc.org


The Cotillion Ministry is designed to provide a developmental life preparatory program that leads our youth to discover
God's truth concerning His will for their lives through spiritual growth, community service and enhanced social skills.  We encourage high self esteem, foster positive attitudes and teach them how to set goals and achieve them through a committed prayer life. 

God's Precious Gems

God's Precious Gems (G.P.G.) is a youth auxiliary for girls
ages 4-17 where young ladies are trained and guided in the areas of discipleship for Christ, community service, and social and cultural development as they advance through the
various stages of life. GPG@abidingfaithbc.org

Mimes of the Messiah

Mimes of the Messiah minister, in dance, the message of the Holy God through praise and worship.

Praise Dance

The praise dancers seek to articulate the Word and Spirit of
God by using the body as a deep form of worshippping God.

Puppets for Christ

Puppets for Christ use creativity to joyfully express God's
Word through the art of puppetry.  Within this ministry the principles of God's Word are taught through the portraying
of Bible characters, stories, and the miracles that Jesus performed.

Young Men for Christ

This ministry provides Christian coaching to encourage and empower young Christian men, ages 13-19, in areas of self-discipline, self-assurance, leadership and most of all, love
for God. The goal of Young Men for Christ is to ensure that
each young man will have the tools to act responsibly in his family, church, schools and community.

It provides a forum that will enhance their self-esteem and establish a support system through open communication, knowledge, and brotherhood to enrich their personal well-being; to enable them to understand the meaning of a true relationship with God and discovering his purpose for their lives; equip young men with biblical foundation and practical methods of dealing with peer and family pressures; plant
seeds that will initiate the enhancement of their leadership abilities.

Young Adult Department

Within the Young Adult Department we work to cultivate the personal and communal growth and education of young adults toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, one another and the wider community – leading to Christian maturity.  We do this through teaching, worship, evangelism and a
community of support.

The Joyful Voices of Praise Young Adult Choir nurtures the spiritual enrichment and growth of each choir member focusing on the principles of witnessing and ministering to those who
are lost. It is important that each member understands “why they sing”—to worship and praise God!  Any young adult who wishes to participate is welcomed to sing for God’s glory as
part of the Joyful Voices of Praise!  Youngadult@Abidingfaithbc.org


Ministry Sign-Up Form