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In partnership with the families of our youth, the Abiding Faith Youth Ministry exists to train our youth to live a God-driven and purposeful life through worship and education. Connecting with one another through fellowship, the ministry seeks to build Christian leaders to have a Godly impact on our community.  We train our youth to go out into the communities through evangelistic outings to share God’s message of love. The following ministries are included:


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Basketball (Summer)

The Basketball Ministry shares the Gospel through organized and competitive sports. Training our youth; age 9-18, on sportsmanship and God-honoring conduct is one of our goals. We make every effort to ensure that we represent Christ in a professional, organized, fun and safe environment for physical play and fellowship.

Children's Church

The Children’s Church is designed to teach our children to glorify God by providing church educational resources that are true to God’s Word and encourage maturity in Christ. We use this teaching opportunity to impact the children in church and help them develop into strong spiritual leaders of the future. This ministry includes all children in Pre-K through 9th grade.


The Cotillion Ministry provides a developmental life preparatory program that leads our high school junior and senior youth, to discover God’s truth concerning His will for their lives through spiritual growth, community service and enhanced social skills.  We encourage high self-esteem, foster positive attitudes and teach them how to set goals and achieve them through a committed prayer life.

Drill Teams

The Drill Teams, junior drill team, ages 6-12 and senior drill team, ages 13-17, promote an understanding of scripture; build and foster self- esteem, discipline, and team effort while giving God the highest praise and worship by communicating Christian messages through drill team performances.

God's Precious Gems (GPG)

This is a youth auxiliary for girls, ages 4-17 where young ladies are trained and guided in the areas of discipleship for Christ, community service, and social and cultural development as they advance through the various stages of life that they will be able to have a positive Christian impact on society.  

Mimes of the Messiah

The Mimes of Messiah ministers the message of God through dance praise and worship.  There is two groups of Mimes; junior mimes, ages 6-11 and senior mimes, ages 12-17. 

Praise Dancers

Praise Dancers (Angels of Praise, Junior and Senior), seek to minister the Word and Spirit of God by using the body as a deep form of worshipping God. There are two groups of praise dancers; junior praise dancers, ages 6-11 and senior praise dancers ages 12-17.  

Puppets for Christ

Puppets for Christ use creativity to joyfully express God’s Word through the art of puppetry.  Within this ministry the principles of God’s Word are taught through the portraying of Bible characters, stories, and the miracles that Jesus performed. This puppetry ministry is for children and youth; ages 9-17.

Sunshine Choir

The Sunshine Choir is for children, ages 5-11 years of age. This ministry provides the opportunity to train the children to use their voices to praise God in song and assist them in understanding that they can also experience worship and praise of God, at their age group.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is comprised of both male and female youth, ages 12-17. The primary objective is to train the youth to use their voices to praise God in song and lead the church in worship through music.

Youth Summer Bible Study

Youth Summer Bible Study is for youth and children, ages 5-17. This Bible Study equips our youth applications through skill building activities to empower and enrich their lives.

Youth Ushers and Greeters

The Youth Ushers and Greeters Ministry, operate under the guidelines of the Adult Ushers/Greeters.  They  assist in providing a warm atmosphere of friendliness and acceptance for all who enter the doors of Abiding Faith. 

Abiding Faith Baptist Church 2020 Graduates

Abiding Faith Baptist Church 2020 Graduates

Youth Christmas 2018 

Vacation Bible School 2018 

KAA 2018 

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Kids Across America (KAA)

"What I learned from KAA is don’t be afraid of things and God is always on your side. He will provide for you. What I did at KAA was play basketball and I learned how to swim. I had fun. My friends were nice, and I had a good time over there". ~~Lawrence “LJ” 

"What I learned at KAA is that you are never alone, don’t be afraid, and He is always on your side. Being at KAA was fun. Once you see and do everything at KAA you would be happy. My favorite part about going to KAA was swimming in 12 feet, going in the lake and eating. We have pictures of what we did at KAA. We hope that more people come to KAA". ~~Skylar 

"My week of camp was very crazy. When I first got there, there were buses everywhere. When I got off the bus I went to the basketball court. At the basketball court I had to stand on a stool and say my name, age and what cabin I was going to be in. When I got to my cabin I had to choose a bed.  The camp has a competition called Championship Locker.  Championship Locker is when whoever has the neatest cabin wins.  My cabin, B9 won. What we learned about at camp is that bullying is not right.  We also learned about why Jesus died on the cross". ~~KJ 

"KAA was a good experience but different.  I liked some of the things we did like play football but did not like swimming and some of the activities.  It was hot and there were too many flies and bugs.  I don't want to go again".  ~~Miles

"What I learned at KAA is that God made me the way I am.  I also learned about P:31 Women. The next thing I learned is how God died on the cross.  The last thing I learned is I am God’s creation". ~~Lariah 

"What I learned at K.A.A. is… Cheering people on; don’t make them have low self-esteem. I also learned What a P:31 means and it means a kind, powerful, strong lady. Another thing is to put God 1st, others 2nd and me 3rd. Also, you can give all your love to God". ~~Essence 

"I enjoyed KAA a lot and can't wait to go back next year.  I wish I could stay two weeks. I liked meeting new people and hanging out with new friends.  I liked the food, sports, free time, and learning about Jesus.  I did not like to see Jesus beaten and dying for my sins.  I gave my life to Christ when I saw what He did for me. I received a ‘Total Release” award for trying football.  I hated to leave KAA". ~~Xavier

"What I learned and enjoyed about camp was when we did the Cross-Talk. I learned that Jesus only died on the cross because He loves us, and I know He didn’t have to, but He did, for us. At camp, I also enjoyed ski tubing, the tree tops and learning how to swim, which I received a Total Release award. My experience at camp with the nature and the people were okay. I learned how to get along with new people and I really enjoyed the nature, it was fun". ~~Kennon 

I learned to open up more.  Don’t be shy, be you. I learned how to make new friends, I created new friendships with young ladies from many different places.  My experience there was amazingly marvelous.  Such a grand time.  My counselors were very open and helpful. At night they told me their experiences at KAA and how it helps them through life.  I had so much fun.  The most important thing is I learned more, and I got closer to God.  ~~Kennedy 

"At KAA we did pushups, if we were bad, but it was fun cause we played football, and basketball at camp against other cabins and of course, we won. The only sport they beat us at was kickball. Every chance I kicked the ball they said out. But this was one of my best experiences I had in my life. Thank you, Abiding Faith Baptist Church for making it possible". ~~Narshaun

"I really enjoyed the time I spent at KAA camp.  I had fun playing sports like basketball and football. I also had a great time swimming and ski tubing.  I got the opportunity to meet a lot of new people that became my friends. My favorite part of KAA camp was jumping around to the music and learning more about God. I had a great time at camp and can’t wait to go back". ~~Jayden

"What I learned at KAA2 is that you need to trust your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and you need to trust GOD. All the mess and the rumors going around in this world is terrible; it’s tearing the world apart. Instead of tearing down one another, we need to be lifting each other up. Sometimes it might be a challenge or a struggle, but if you remember Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” then you are all set up to go". ~~Alyssa 

"This summer I attended KAA and it was an exciting experience overall.  Not all of the camp life was fun like the heat at all times, even when you were trying to sleep. It was hot and sticky, and you didn't need any big covers on you but when you woke up it was refreshing.  But that did not affect the fun experiences we had with meeting so many new people from all parts of the country.  Many made you realize how blessed you are since some of these kids had nothing. The activities were fun. My camp counselors, Ms. Lissie and Ms. Emily were great.  I really liked them, and I have heard from one of my counselors, Ms. Lissie, since I came home.  There was always lots to eat but you had to eat all you put on your plate.  There was plenty to drink to stay hydrated.  I received two awards--leadership and basketball. The live play showing Jesus death, burial, and resurrection was intense and I re-dedicated my life following it.  I would like to go back to KAA next year". ~~Loriah

"Besides the bugs, heat and the top bunk of a bunkbed, Kid’s Across America was truly a great experience. Being around people who have the same heart and passion that I have for kids, not to mention the love and passion they have for God, was truly amazing.  Being able to sit back and share one another’s successes and struggles within this ministry let me know it’s not just an Abiding Faith thing…it let me know that the devil is busy, and he is doing whatever it takes to stop what he knows is the future, the now, of the church".

"While walking through out the kamp and talking with our kids at Harambee, it was amazing seeing the kids getting excited for the Lord. And Cross Talk…touching. That moment there truly allowed God to move within those kids. So many tears shed seeing what Jesus went through all because He loves us. It was a blessing to see so many kids give their lives to God and to rededicate their lives to God."

"That week at KAA not only allowed me to sit back and reflect on the youth, but it also allowed me to reflect on my walk with God; my purpose for being here.  Many times, I get so “busy” working that I often miss the purpose God has me on this Earth…to be fisher of men. To let this world know that Jesus died for us, that He loves us and that He wants to have a personal relationship with us. So if you purchase a shirt, pair of pants or shoes that have a business card that says Jesus Loves You…that just may be me spreading the Good News!"

"And before I go, THANK YOU for your love, prayers and support. THANK YOU for giving our youth this opportunity.  To God be the Glory!" ~~ Joyce Blackshire, Youth Director