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Sunday School Happenings

Welcome to our Sunday School!! 

Teacher's Fellowship

The month of January proved to be a great start for the New Year.  The Sunday School had several events like HIGH ATTENDANCE DAY.  Several times this month, we recorded 100 or more in attendance.  Also the attendance in the youth classes as well as the young adult class has increased.  Isn’t that Amazing!  We want to thank GOD for all who attended; especially those who have not been in a while and those that are coming for the first time. 

On 3rd Sundays Robert Simmons, a Joyful Seeker Teen, is serving as the Superintendent-in-charge.  He is doing an excellent job.  “WAY TO GO ROBERT”!

Our TEACHER’S FELLOWSHIP in January, (pictured above) was well attended.  We had a time of fellowship and sharing.  We have some new and exciting events planned and we pray that you will join us.  One of the new events will be Grandparents Day in September. 

The Green Team prepared a delicious breakfast and we want to let them know how much we really appreciate them. If you were not there you missed a treat. “Thank you Brothers!"

The  5thSunday is ALTERNATIVE SUNDAY, when we deviate from our normal Sunday  School lesson and discuss topics and situations that Christians face daily and decisions/choices that have to be made according to God’s Word and not the “worldview”.  However, this recent Alternative Sunday presented an “alternative” from the regular discussions and “Christian Scenarios/What if? Or What would/should you do?”  The “alternative” was well received by the Sunday School. 

If you have not done so already, please update your information by completing an enrollment card and the contact sheet in your class attendance book.  You can contact your class secretary or any one of the superintendents.  Thank you in advance!

Brenda K. White, First Superintendent