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Church History

Abiding Faith Baptist Church History

On October 18, 1992, at Briargate Elementary School, ninety-three (93) faith-filled children of God gathered for the purpose of establishing a new church for God’s service.  These were a “chosen people” -- chosen by God to climb to a higher level of praise, worship, and service. This congregation became known as the Abiding Faith Baptist Church. It is only by the resounding grace of God that Abiding Faith has become a beacon light on the corner of Fondren and Independence in Missouri City, Texas. It holds membership in the San Felipe Association of Churches in the Coastal Plains Baptist Area. This association of churches strives to equip believers of all ages to do the work of evangelism.

Pastor/Founder Bobby R. Morgan was chosen by God to lead this flock of believers and Reverend Horace Price, Sr., was selected as the Assistant Pastor.  As a result of God’s favor, administrators on the campus of the Willowridge High School opened their doors of The Commons.  Later the Ronald E. McNair Auditorium was opened to Abiding Faith, and we were welcomed in the spirit of love, support and encouragement.

The open charter membership period of our church, October 18, 1992 through November 15, 1992, yielded a membership of 139. Among these were first officers: Deacons Harold Simmons, Wird Brown, Jr., and the late Raymond Roberson. The Church Secretary was Pamela Simmons and Rosalind Amos was Church Clerk. We thank God that sixty-five (65) Charter Members are still serving at Abiding Faith!

For support and assistance in making major decisions concerning the church’s welfare, Elders, composed of     Ministers and Deacons were selected by the Pastor.  Elders, along with Pastor Morgan and Assistant Pastor Price are Deacons Harold Simmons, Patrick Harper and Eugene Stewart. The Sunday School, Choir and    Deacons were our first Departments/Auxiliaries.

In order for any organization to successfully grow, a purpose or purposes must be established; consequently, three (3) purposes of the Abiding Faith Baptist Church were defined:  Worship -- Magnifying His Name, Reach -- Sharing the Message of Love, Teach -- Equipping God’s People for Ministry, Grow -- Developing Christians to Model His Character, and Serve -- Ministering to the Needs of the Community.  The Church Motto was also established:  “God Can Do All Things!  One Heart, One Soul - United In Christ Jesus.”

God blessed Abiding Faith to purchase land for a permanent site at 15376 Fondren Road at Independence in Missouri City, Texas.  In 1997, the Lord faithfully, and as promised, blessed Abiding Faith with a permanent house of prayer and worship. In grateful appreciation and recognition we have returned to the McNair Auditorium in celebration of our Annual Family and Friends Day.

On June 22, 1997, God blessed Abiding Faith to enlarge its physical and spiritual territory, and the Dedication Service was held in the first edifice where Abiding Faith kingdom-builders glorified God as Promise-Keeper.  Great is God’s faithfulness!  As the church grew, traditional ministries and auxiliaries formed -- Sunday School, Choirs, Usher Board, Women's Missionary, Brotherhood and Youth Ministries. Continued growth prompted the need for an additional service.  The first “United We Build Campaign” was held.

In May 2000, we began two morning worship services -- 7:30 and 10:45.  Both events represent stepping stones of growth and development of our purpose-driven church.

In February 2004, a second “United We Build Campaign” was initiated and the congregation boarded the “Faith Train” with pledges for sacrificial giving for the building of a larger sanctuary.  We purposed in our hearts to bring the vision of our new sanctuary to reality.  Abiding Faith was established as operating on a “faith budget” which means that we operated on faith and tithe.  Currently the physical operation of our church relies strictly on our faith (sacrificial) giving and tithe.

On September 11, 2005, the Abiding Faith family marked the site of our present sanctuary with a ground-breaking ceremony.  With stakes bearing a favorite scripture, each family stood on holy ground and symbolically planted a re-commitment to God and to Abiding Faith.  Hallelujah!  Praise God!

On September 10, 2006, we held a jubilee dedication service in our new sanctuary.  Great is God’s faithfulness!

As the church continued to grow, additional fruit-bearing Auxiliaries; Committees, Departments and Ministries were formed.

Auxiliaries:  Brotherhood, Ushers & Greeters and Women of Faith.

Committees include: Church Anniversary (Steering), Care Partners, Church Council, Communication, Decoration, Fellowship, Finance; Red Carpet (Marketing Sub-ministry), Sunday School Curriculum, and Pastoral Care.

Departments include:  Education -- Baptist Training Union, Bible Study, Children’s Church; G.I.F.T. Academy, and Sunday School.

Music Department includes: Mass Choir, Women’s Choir, Male Chorus, Young Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Anointed Voices of Praise, and the Audio Visual Ministry.

Abiding Faith Ministries are comprised of A.F.E.A.T. -- Abiding Faith Evangelistic Action Team (7 sub-ministries), Brotherhood, Christian Challengers, Deacons and Deaconess, Drama, Expression of Love, Health & Wellness Initiative, Marriage, Marketing, Photography, Prayer, Security, Share Group Ministry, Sick & Shut-In, Singles, Sports, Tape, Transportation, University of Faith Ministry, Ushers & Greeters, Web Ministry, and  Young at Heart Ministry.

In 2007, the publication of our newsletter “The Abounding Word” created an avenue to keep the church informed and connected.

Share Groups, led by Deacons and Deaconess, are means by which each member in our church experiences the love and support of the entire congregation. These leaders assist the Pastor in ministering to the needs of members in their specific groups.

In 2008, according to the words of wisdom from our Pastor spoken on December 30, 1992, as he extended our   purpose in our efforts to reach the lost: “God has given each born again believer spiritual gifts, talents and abilities that are needed by the Church.  For our church to function with maximum effectiveness, it is essential that each member uses his gifts, talents and abilities for the good of the body of Christ in our local church and the universal church as well”, and as a result, the Harvester’s Sunday School Class, a 12-week evangelism course, was initiated. This course of study prepares and equips Christians in ways that empower them to effectively work out the Great Commission  given by Jesus Christ -- “go, teach, constrain” --  another of our purposes.

As of September 2008, our total membership was six-hundred and ten (610).  Praise God!

In 2009, two new ministries were added: The Toynelle Bailey Scholarship Committee, and the Junior Drill Team. The Marketing Ministry was also reconstructed. Twenty-five (25) Share Groups are operational, and there are ten (10) Associate Ministers on our Ministerial Staff.

In 2010, forty-seven (47) new members united with us, including eleven (11) who were baptized. Our total membership was 665.  Growth in both our spiritual and physical body keeps us moving forward to a more intimate relationship with the Almighty God.

In 2011, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, moving even further in realizing the “Serve” purpose, Pastor Morgan was lead to establish an additional ministry -- Sick & Shut In, to assist him in nurturing, guiding and providing for the needs of the flock who are unable to (physically) worship with us.  Five (5) Deacons were ordained, and one (1) honorary was designated.  This year forty (40) new members were  added.  Eleven (11) new converts were baptized.  Our total membership is 675.

These 19 years have truly been orchestrated and powered by God as we grow and become more like Christ! At every stage of our grace-filled journey and our physical church development, God continues to cultivate the spiritual body as well.

2012: Listed in our purposes under Supportive Concerns is Prayer.  It states that “prayer is imperative, and that each member should develop intercessory prayer and continue to call on God for revival and evangelization . . . .”  With this concern in mind, a Prayer Life Sunday School Class was initiated. This class serves to teach the necessity and the power of prayer in a Christian’s life and the life of Abiding Faith! From 2002-2007 and from 2010-September 2012, approximately 12,000+ meals have been served by the A.F.E.A.T. Ministry. Members added (35), Baptized (10), Elders/Deacons (3), Associate Ministers (10), Deacons (27), Deaconess (26), Departments (8), Committees (12), Auxiliaries (3), and Ministries (22).  The Sunday School began developing Sunday School    Curriculum on-site with our October, November, December (4th) Quarter.

2013: "Our membership is presently 559.  This year thirty-seven (37) members were added and six (6) new      converts were baptized."

2014-2015: God graciously added three (3) Men of God to His AFBC flock. Consequently, we have seven (7) Associate Ministers serving along with our Pastor and Assistant Pastor! Total membership for 2014 is 523.  In 2015, we had eighteen (18) new members to unite with Abiding Faith. Ten (10) were baptized. To God be the Glory.

2016: The Lord continued to bless and add to His church. New members added were twenty-nine (29) and three (3) of these were new converts. We have worked diligently and faithfully to discharge our duties and God has blessed us with abundant prosperity as we spread His light and His love on this corner and in our community. We have knocked on doors, shared God’s Salvation story, visited the nursing home and our Sick & Shut-in, sought opportunities to feed the hungry, and reached out with benevolence to many who were suffering hardship. As we endeavored to live up to our theme for 2016: “Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard (Isaiah 58:8) NASB, we pray that our service has been acceptable to Him. Total membership for 2016 is 570.

2017:  Pastor Morgan was awarded for Abiding Faith’s 24 years of service to the Community by State Representative Ron Reynolds.  We celebrated our First Family’s 24th Anniversary.  We also worked together as a family to complete the “Marquee Project” and purchased a new LED sign.  A new sound system, commercial oven range and refrigerator/freezer and garbage disposal were installed.  Renovations were completed on the Multipurpose Center—new flooring, painting and new filing cabinets were positioned.  Our hearts were saddened as we said “farewell” to seven (7) members of our “family”, including Sister Bernice Martin — a Charter Member and a Church Mother.  Also, from October 2016 to present, twenty-nine (29) united with our family.  Six (6) of these members were baptized/new converts.  Total membership to date is 592.  We are extremely grateful to God for    adding to our vineyard.

 Anniversaries call for remembering. Our journey of faith, as a body of believers in Christ began 25 years ago.  We stepped out on God's word and moved forward into God's divine destiny for Abiding Faith. Our faith was      somewhat shaky, but God has blessed and kept us for His glory alone. Anniversaries also call for honoring!  We thank God for all of our dedicated members who have been called home to be with the Lord. We continue to give honor and praise to God for Pastor Morgan, our Associate Ministers, and all of our present members for their commitment to God and Abiding Faith. 

On this special day, we rejoice and give praise to God for His bountiful blessings.  We continue to share in our Pastor’s vision and goals of expanding our outreach efforts, and as such, we continue to strive to live the creed of the five purposes of our church.

So, as we honor and celebrate our God today, we want Him to know that we love Him just because of who He is. We are so thankful and appreciate all that He has done for us in the past. Today we remember the past, celebrate the present and anticipate the future with greater expectations!!! -- To God be the Glory! 

October 2017:  As with each new “church” year, the Lord reveals a “plumb line”, if you will, that guides the church body into the direction our Pastor discerns the Lord wants us to go.  This year we reached for the goal  “to be pleasing in His sight” (Ephesians 5:10).  This theme prompted us as a body of believers to ask God:  “Is there anything in my life that doesn’t please You?”  We responded to His answer with a motivation to allow Him to shape us into the disciples/leaders/Christians/saints that He purposes for us.

In January 2018, Pastor Morgan’s youngest son, Robert was called to the ministry.  This addition blessed our church with 8 men of God on our rostrum.

 April 2018—In our consistent efforts to reach out into our community and embrace this very special group of God’s people, our Pastor initiated a new ministry  under the AFEAT umbrella, AFBC @ First Colony (Nursing home in Sugar Land, TX). An (assigned) minister leads a service on assigned Sunday mornings. 

 In June 2018, we praised a Mighty God that our Door-to-Door efforts led to a lost soul  accepting Christ!

 August 2018 - A centenarian is a person who lives to (or beyond) the age of 100 years. In August 2018, we celebrated a “centenarian” in the person of Sister Elma Sigee!!  Hallelujah! Our Sister Elma, mother of Patricia Stewart and mother-in-law of Elder Eugene Stewart, celebrated her 102nd birthday surrounded by family—both familial and church families.

 In September, 2018, as we continue efforts to fulfill our commitment to our community, we entered into a collaboration wth the  Elementary School  as a volunteer source for their students.

 Also in September, we celebrated the home going of (8) of our dedicated members who were called home to be with the Lord:  Cleveland Hawthorne, Rosalee Pierre, Elray Thompson, Carmelita Evans, Everette Pickens, Earl Hall, James Madison, Jr., and Hallie Briggs.

 From October 2017, to present, we give glory to God that nine (9) souls were united with God through baptism, and He added nineteen (19) members to our family.  This brings our total of 612 active members.