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Harold Simmons, Rev. Horace Price, Pastor Bobby Morgan, Eugene Stewart, Patrick Harper


Delores Banks-Scott

Church Clerk

Wanda Anderson

Building Administrator

Clifton Chillis


Kennon Blackshire

Associate Ministers

Richard Beary (Wilhelmena)
Dennis Blacknall-Montgomery
Booker T. Canty (Angela)
Clifton Hubbard
Lenton Hymes (Rosemary)
J. Melvin Knotts, Jr. (Deborah)
L.M. Logeman (Yvette)
Robert Morgan (Steffanie)
Sheldon Tillman   
Michael Whitehead (Edna)


Phillip Collins, Sr. (Mamie)
Samuel Crowell (Helen)
Adam Dixson (Florida)
Horace Garner  (LaVoice)
Melvin (Bo) Green (Kathy)
Patrick Harper (Elder) (Debbie)
Shelton Hope (Rebecca)
James Scott (Patricia)
Allen Shelton (Vernice)
William Moore ( Rosemary)
Harold Simmons (Elder) (Pamela)
Barry Stephens (Sandra)
Eugene Stewart (Elder) (Patricia)
Solomon Williams 
Wayne Wilson (Lillie)
Alvin White (Brenda)

Share Groups

Within the life of the Church the role of the Share Group Leader ranks among of the most significant. The Share Group Leader is essential in ministering to members and/or families within the Church by demonstrating an interest in their lives and providing support and encouragement at particular times of need.  This group consists of Deacons and Deconesses. 

Each new member and/or family is joined with a deacon (and deaconesses), who joins with our pastor in ministering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each church member and family. 

As a crucial "chain" the Share Group Leader is a channel of communication, linking our church family together by keeping them in touch with what is happening in the life of the Church and additionally,  keeping  our Pastor informed, as appropriate, on the lives of the members under their specific care.

 This is done through the following:  

  • Keeping in contact with their assigned members of their Share Groups through home visits (as appropriate), and (monthly) telephone checks.
  • Notifying our Pastor when additional support might be appropriate.
  • Witnessing, when appropriate, to an unsaved family member.
  • Rejoicing with members when they celebrate important events and/or accomplishments.
  • Supporting in times of crisis
  • Encouraging when members are facing difficulties or other times of distress;
  • Listening to concerns, and assuring members that they are important to the Church family.
  • Praying without ceasing in all situations.

Members and families are encouraged to call the Share Group Leader at any time there is a need. If you are unaware as to who your Leader is please call the church office at 281.437.9595.