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A weekly worship service can provide the beginnings of a spiritual journey with Christ.  We also believe the key to open ourselves up for growth is by serving. God has given each of us time, gifts, talents and resources to be used to expand His kingdom. Look at the ministry opportunities below to serve within our church community that will take us beyond these walls.

In addition to attending a worship service, life group and serving, we believe each of us is responsible for cultivating and growing our relationship with Christ. Bible Study, Baptist Training Union, Sunday School and Children’s Church are just some of our resources to help us in that journey. 

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AFEAT Outreach Ministry

The Abiding Faith Evangelistic Team (AFEAT) is an outreach and evangelistic ministry which goes out into the community to reach and minister to lost souls sharing “The Gospel Message of Love,” for Christ. The ministries included for Kingdom building purposes are: The Elderly, The Homeless, Community Service, The Christian Challengers, Door to Door Survey Team, assisting the Women of Faith Ministry with Angel Tree (Christmas Project), The Transportation Ministry, and the Sick-and-Shut-In Ministry.  For additional information please contact:  [email protected]

Audio/Visual Ministry

The Audio/Visual Ministry presents to the Church body a state-of-the-art communication technology to enhance the worship experience in magnifying the Lord.  It is designed to record and make available for purchase, CDs and DVDs of all Sunday services, annual days and various other Church functions.

Brotherhood Ministry

The Brotherhood unites all brothers in serving God. We are servants of God and the Church that pray and help one another through bearing each other’s burdens in love. Our mission is to help build the body of Christ in the unity of Spirit, and truth in the Lord. We invite and ask your help in serving our community.  We meet every third Saturday of the month –10:00 a.m. in the MPB.  Unofficial members are welcome to attend Brotherhood meetings and activities. For additional information please contact: [email protected]faithbc.org.

Deacon's Ministry

As servant- leaders, Deacons assist in carrying out the five (5) purposes of the Church and the vision of the Pastor.  To this end, Deacons assist the Pastor and the congregation in promoting the Great Commission and providing an atmosphere of unity and love.  This group, through assigned Share Groups, provide support, resources, and fellowship to the members of our Church family.  Families are encouraged in times of joy and sorrow as they seek God's healing power and grace through prayer, presence, counsel and tangible acts of service.  They are commissioned to study God's Word, to spend time with God in prayer daily.  This equips them to serve and to participate in Church outreach.  As servant- leaders, they serve with the attitude of Christ – for the glory of God.

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry seeks by the strength of the Holy Spirit to assist the Pastor and Deacons in meeting the needs of the Abiding Faith family of God.  The Deaconess Ministry prays for the sick, shut-in, and those in need. In partnership with the Pastor and Deacons, they provide assistance to the congregation as needed. They also assist with the baptismal process and oversee the preparation of Holy Communion.  The Deaconesses, likewise, participate in the Church’s outreach and evangelistic programs.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry broadcasts the Word of God through theatrical performances to declare, illustrate and clarify biblical experiences.  Through dramatic presentations, they plant seeds to help build disciples, to inspire, to encourage and transform the lives of God’s people.

Expression of our Love Ministry

The Expression of our Love Ministry ministers to those who are emotionally and/or physically suffering.  This group prays for and contacts our bereaved and ill members through calls, cards, and visits. The Sick-and-Shut-in are also given support by receiving communion and communication through calls and cards.  Our members also minister to the needs of our community by visiting the elderly.

Marketing Ministry

The purpose of the Marketing Ministry is to formulate a marketing plan that will equip Abiding Faith to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.  To this end, the Team acts as a servicing tool for our Church and its ministries through the use of marketing/advertising techniques that connect  Abiding Faith to the people God has called at Abiding Faith to reach for Jesus Christ—both the saved and the unsaved. Using literature, human resources, technology, Internet, Social Media, and other available resource that serve as an effective marketing and outreach tools, to spread the Word of God, and make Abiding Faith known, far beyond the walls, into the community, and all areas that God has ordained us to reach.

Marriage Ministry

The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to provide resources that will enrich marriages.  This ministry focuses on strengthening and reviving marriages through seminars, retreats, fellowship, and the study of God's Word.  All activities are based upon the Word of God.  The ministry encourages members to participate in the Church's outreach programs. [email protected] 

Photography Ministry

The Photography Ministry photographs and chronicles events that take place at Abiding Faith.  The mission is to create a memorial that will enable others to experience the excitement and the presence and power of God through the art of photography. The Photography Ministry is composed of members who share the passion of taking pictures.  This ministry captures the life of the church in pictures so that we can “relive” them for many years to come.

Prayer Ministry

The purposes of the Prayer Ministry are to pray for our church family, to provide means for a powerful life that keeps our family focused on God, His grace and His sovereignty, and to maintain an intimate relationship with Him. [email protected] 

Security Ministry

The Security Ministry of Abiding Faith provides protection for the church.  Not only does the ministry ensure the safety of everyone and church properties for a safe worship experience, but also ensures the safety of the grounds and assists with the parking lot as needed.  The primary purpose of the Church Security Ministry is to maintain a peaceful, safe environment conducive to teaching, learning, working,  and sharing in the Word of our Lord and Savior.  Through its dedicated members, the ministry actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of the church family to decrease the opportunity for crime and to facilitate maximum crime prevention by following basic rules and guidelines. 

Sick and Shut-In Ministry

The Sick and Shut-in Ministry ministers to those who are unable to attend Church services. This Ministry, not unlike the Expressions of Love Ministry,  provides care and concern from the Church family through encouragement from the Word of God, songs, intercessory prayer, and Holy Communion, as appropriate.  Visits are, as possible and feasible,  made monthly to individuals’ homes, and nursing homes.

Transportation Ministry

The AFBC Transportation Ministry, under the umbrella of the AFEAT Ministries, provides safe and reliable transportation service to members of the Church. [email protected].

Ushers and Greeters Ministry

Ushers and Greeters Ministry

The Ushers and Greeters Ministry provides a warm atmosphere of friendliness and acceptance for all who enter our doors. This group communicates God’s love for all through a sincere, joyful spirit  of welcome. They facilitate, in a Christ-like manner, the worship services, activities of the church, and help to fulfill requests of our Pastor.  They support the church’s evangelistic goals by regularly participating in outreach and evangelistic efforts.   [email protected] 

Web Team Ministry

The Web Team uses internet tools to enhance and expand our Church’s ministry.  Our aim is for our website to be seeker-sensitive and one that will attract and create an interest that motivates seekers to visit our Church and become involved in the ministries at Abiding Faith Baptist Church.

Women of Faith Auxiliary

The Women of Faith Auxiliary seeks to encourage, challenge, and equip women to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  This mission is achieved through life transforming Bible studies, prayer partnerships, fellowships, workshops, seminars and conferences.  The Auxiliary supports the Church's outreach by  participating   in   evangelistic   outings   and   ministering   to   the   needs   of   the community.  [email protected]

Young at Heart Ministry

The Young at Heart Ministry believes that spiritual renewal, well-being and activity are essential to the quality of life. Spiritual guidance, worship, Bible study, support and prayer are experienced by senior adults who desire to remain active, grow, and be productive through Bible study groups, field trips and outreach. Our ministry reaches out to the sick and shut-in members and the community.   [email protected]

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Care Partners

Care Partners are to aid new members through the completion of their orientation sessions, assisting them in any way necessary, keeping in touch and encouraging them to work in some area of the Church.  This committee is also responsible for contacting members who have been absent from Church services for an extended period to determine if we may be of assistance.

Church Council

The Church Council is comprised of leaders from each auxiliary, committee, department and ministry of the Church. The Council provides an administrative infrastructure through faith, love, and commitment. Empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit, they seek to lead God’s people in the accomplishment of goals that will honor and glorify the Father. This Council meets quarterly. 

Decoration Committee

The Decoration Committee beautifies the Church environment for Sunday and special services and/or events to complement the worship service, and provide an atmosphere that enhances a spiritual experience. The Committee also assists ministries with decoration ideas for their events. This Committee leads and makes decisions regarding the interior décor of the Church Sanctuary and building.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of the Chair, Church Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and two (2) members appointed by the Pastor. This Committee approves the purchase of all supplies, all bills for payment and assists the Treasurer in all matters of finance. The Finance Committee monitors purchases to assure that a budget has been established for such and approved by the Elders.  It guides and assists the Church in undertaking all its financial concerns so that the church body may be a good steward ofGod’s possessions.  The purpose of the Church Finance Committee is to assume responsibility in conjunction with the Pastor/Elders, for the finances of the congregation. This includes developing and monitoring a church budget, financial recording and reporting, disbursement, and auditing of records

The responsibility of the Finance Committee is to oversee the financial well-being of the congregation and to make recommendations to the Pastor on all financial matters as deemed appropriate by the Committee or requested by leaders. The Committee will review and advise the Pastor regarding the activities Committee, as appropriate.[email protected]

Food Service

The Food Service is a service ministry geared to the nurturing of body and soul through the preparation and serving of food and the Word of God. We are driven by our purpose to love and serve others.


This Committee of one maintains a chronology of records and is responsible for the recording, preservation and display of records of historical value to the Church. It is held accountable to keep an updated record of our Church history that we have a reference point to see how God continually blesses the church.

Newsletter Committee

The Abounding Word Newsletter is a medium used to communicate, in an attractive manner, information among members.  Its purpose is to present our church as a lively, God-focused, invigorating and positive community of believers, in hopes that it will encourage more of our members’ use of their gifts/talents in church activities and the overall ministry of Abiding Faith

Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee lovingly serves our Pastor and first family through prayers, financial support and encouraging words and deeds.  The Committee aids and assists the Pastor as needs are defined.  It teaches the biblical principles of loving and caring for the Pastor as God has instructed His Church to do.

Red Carpet Committee

The Red Carpet Committee, under the umbrella of the Marketing Team, ministers to our first time guests by extending exceptional hospitality in a genuine and unrehearsed expression of:  “Thank you for being here. We sincerely appreciate your sharing with us today!”  The Committee is comprised of ANY members of the family who has an earnest desire to make our guests feel welcome.

Sunday School Curriculum Committee

Determining what curriculum to use is an important decision for any church.  This committee determines if lessons have a purpose or general goal; is it consistent with our faith community here at Abiding Faith; does it have Jesus, the Church and Christian life as its central focus This committee then assumes the responsibility of making curriculum choices or recommendations to our Pastor who will give the ultimate approval for lessons.  With our in-house Bible Curriculum, kids experience the same powerful connections between Scripture and everyday life as adults, by engaging all five of their senses. The Bible comes alive!

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Music Department

As we aspire to sing praises to God, the mission of the Abiding Faith Baptist Church Music Ministry is to enthusiastically proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in song through enhancing praise and exaltation of Him. Also, in focusing on the five (5) Purposes of our Church (Worship, Reach, Teach, Grow, and Serve), our primary goal is to promote the Kingdom Building process by being actively involved in the teaching and evangelistic ministries of the Church.  [email protected]

Sunday School

The purpose of the Abiding Faith Sunday School department is:  To promote spiritual growth for the saved and to reach the lost by teaching sound biblical principles that enhances knowledge, understanding of the Scriptures, and application of God’s Word,  that will equip God’s people to reach out into the community—to both the saved and the unsaved.

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